Privacy Policy

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully before using this website (the Site). This Privacy Policy is part of the Agreement concluded between Levira and you (the Customer) on the use by the Customer of the LeviraCloud services (the Service).

  1. Personal data Levira collects about the Customer
    1.1 Levira collects and stores the following personal data of the Customer (the Personal Data ) when the Customer registers an Account on the Site and upon further use of the Service:
    1. first name, surname, username and password of the Customer;
    2. business name of the company the Customer represents (if applicable);
    3. personal identification code of the Customer or date of birth if the Customer has no personal identification code;
    4. contact details of the Customer (incl. address, phone number, e-mail address);
    5. time, date and location of access; IP address from where the Site was accessed;
    6. data of the operations carried out by the Customer during the use of the Service;
    7. other personal data that you have submitted to Levira by creating the Account or performing the Agreement.

    1.2 In case the Customer is a legal person, the Personal Data set out in Section 1.1 above will be deemed to be given in relation to the individuals that the Customer has indicated as the Customer’s representative(s) on the “Create Account” tab.

  2. How Levira uses the Customer’s personal data
    2.1 Any Personal Data disclosed by the Customer to Levira upon creating the Account or using the Service will be processed by Levira only to the extent necessary for verifying the identity of the Customer, providing the Service to the Customer, improving the level of the Service, including the security of the Service, performing its obligations that arise from legislation (i.e. forwarding data to law enforcement authorities) and, if necessary, protecting its infringed or contested rights.

    2.2 From time to time Levira may use the Customer’s Personal Data to contact the Customer for market research or Levira’s products and services promotional purposes. Levira may contact the Customer by e-mail unless the Customer has opted out of receiving such communication

    2.3 Levira will process the Personal Data pursuant to the laws of Estonia. The Personal Data is maintained in the territory of Estonia at all times.

  3. Security and Data Integrity

    Customer’s Personal Data is stored in electronic databases. Levira employs industry-standard technical safeguards, including but not necessarily limited to encryption of credit card information, password and/or cryptographic key-based authentication controls on servers which house the Personal Data, browser-based SSL encryption, and other storage system access control mechanisms to protect the integrity of internal databases and prevent unauthorized access. Customer’s Personal Data is stored only for use according to the purposes for which it was initially collected.

  4. Disclosure to Third Parties
    4.1 Levira accepts payments by credit card. Levira does not, however, store the Customer’s credit card information as submitted by the Customer on the Site. Said credit card information, as well as other information directly necessary for the purposes of payment processing and fraud detection is collected and stored by Levira’s payments processing provider Adyen Adyen will maintain the confidentiality, security and integrity of the Customer’s credit card and purchases information obtained from the Site, and use it only on Levira’s behalf and for the purposes of processing payments for the purchases made by the Customer on the Site and related fraud detection. Adyen maintains currently and plans to maintain in the future the Customer’s Personal Data it processes for the purposes specified in this Section 4.1 in the territory of the European Union. It is possible, though, that Adyen may in the future need to transfer respective Personal Data out of the European Union, including to countries with no adequate level of personal data protection. In such case Adyen will guarantee the sufficient level of protection of the so transferred Personal Data at all times. Information about Adyen can be received at: Adyen B.V., P.O. Box 10095, 1001 EB Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    4.2 Levira may also transmit the Personal Data to:

    1. any state, local or law enforcement authority upon their request or conduct other transmissions if required under applicable legal acts;
    2. credit rating and debt collection companies, and to lawyers and bailiffs, in order to claim the performance of the Agreement by the Customer or other persons if necessary for protection of Levira’s rights under the Agreement. When data are disclosed to a credit rating company, the relevant information becomes known to all of the persons who use the database.
  5. Access and Modification
    5.1 The Customer has access to Account-specific Personal Data stored about him/her by Levira by accessing the Account. The Customer may update his/her Personal Data at any time. If the Agreement between the Customer and Levira is cancelled, the Customer may request that the Personal Data be deleted from Levira’s databases, with the exception of:
    1. network access logs, which may be stored for any duration of time at Levira’s discretion;
    2. cases where illegal activity is deemed to have occurred (as determined by Levira’s management or law enforcement officials), in which case the Personal Data may be retained until necessary for the purposes of ongoing investigation and prevention of fraud recurrence; or
    3. cases where a Customer’s violation of the Agreement ( has resulted in cancellation of the Agreement and provision of the Service to the Customer, in which case the Personal Data may be retained to the extent and until necessary for the purposes of prevention of further use of Levira’s services in the future by the offending Customer.
  6. Customer Liability
    6.1 The Customer that is a legal person hereby represents and confirms that it is entitled to transfer to Levira such Personal Data of its individual representatives to be processed by Levira according to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

    6.2 The Customer will be the data controller in respect of any third party personal data stored within or transmitted through Levira’s server by the Customer. Hence, the Customer will bear sole liability for ensuring compliance with any and all applicable privacy guidelines and regulations for all jurisdictions in which the Customer may operate with respect to appropriate practices for the collection, storage and other processing of any such third party personal information using the Customer’s Account on Levira’s server. In no event will Levira be held liable for the Customer’s failure to adopt and/or practice appropriate measures for safeguarding personal information stored within or transmitted through Levira’s server.

  7. Customer Rights
    7.1 The Customer has the right to:
    1. obtain information about his/her data and the processing of such data from Levira pursuant to the procedure and to the extent provided for by law;
    2. demand termination of processing and disclosure of the Personal Data, termination of allowing access to the data and/or deletion or closure of collected data if such a right arises from the Personal Data Protection Act or any other legislation;
    3. in the event of a breach of their rights in data processing, to demand that the person who caused such a breach terminate such activities; and
    4. apply to the Data Protection Inspectorate or a court at any time in the event of a breach of his/her rights.
  8. Information

    The Customer has the right to contact Levira using the following contact details if the Customer has any questions about the processing of the Personal Data or in order to file complaints: AS Levira, registry code: 10203566, address: Kloostrimetsa tee 58A, 15026 Tallinn, Estonia; telephone: +3726804030, e-mail:

  9. Changes to the Privacy Policy

    Levira may occasionally change or update this Privacy Policy, and in such case Levira will also revise the Effective Date set out below. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will always be available here on the Site and the Customer should check back frequently to be aware of any such changes. Any material changes to this Privacy Policy will be communicated to registered Customers by e-mail (to the then current e-mail address provided in their Account), by a notification to their Account, and/or by posting a notice of the change on the Site. Levira will never make changes to this Privacy Policy that result in less protection of the Customer’s personal data without sending a notice.

  10. Opt-out Right
    If the Customer decides that he/she does not want Levira to use the Customer’s Personal Data in the manner described in the Privacy Policy, the Customer should stop using the Service and the Site. If the Customer has already created an Account, information on how to terminate or cancel the Account can be found

Effective Date 20. October 2012